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Personal Statement

& Personal Mission

DeJuan Moore

Future Registered Dietitian

About DeJuan Moore

My mission is to provide programs that will be interactive and transformation.  I believe in giving people avenues to improve their life through healthy food choices and physical activity in efforts to provide a healthier and happier community.  

What Do I Bring to the Table?  ....(other than vegetables)

knowledge in exercise prescription

With an Exercise Science degree, I am able to take the knowledge I have about providing fun and engaging physical activity to populations, in addition to ways to improve dietary habits is a healthy way.


One of the most challenging task that Dietitians face is creating ways to excite people about eating healthy before it too late.  I enjoy creating excitement within people about eating healthy.

fun to work with

I really enjoy working with others.  I really enjoy helping create an atmosphere that is inviting and allows people to feel comfortable enough to think and feel freely.